5 Benefits of Hiring a Lawn Care Service

May 29, 2024 | Uncategorized

A lawn care team can provide solutions for various concerns, including insects and diseases. Through specialized services, such as aeration, grub control, or bio-herbicide, our team at Natural Way Lawn offers environmentally sound practices to improve your lawn. Here are some benefits of hiring a professional lawn care service:

1. Naturally Green Lawn Programs

We have three naturally green lawn programs to benefit your lawn. These include a seven-step fertilizer, an organic fertilizer, and a chemical sensitivity program. Our mineral-based granular fertilizer provides lawns with a weed-free appearance and fewer chemicals. Organic fertilizer rejuvenates lawns with poor soil and increases matter content. It aims to reduce dependency on the chemical output of traditional herbicides. We also offer an herbicide-free program to help your lawn grow while catering to chemical sensitivities.

At Natural Way Lawn, we employ state-certified specialists who administer the steps in these programs. They can monitor and report on the health of your lawn with each visit, keeping you informed and involved. Our team also provides custom lawn care services for unique solutions based on your grass type and landscaping goals.

2. Helpful Lawn Care Services 

The services your lawn needs can vary depending on its location, soil content, and pH levels. Our specialists understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to lawn maintenance, which is why our solutions range from weed control to soil testing. Here are several lawn care services we offer:

Fertilization and Aeration

Our team utilizes organic fertilizers that replenish nutrients in the soil, promoting consistent growth without chemicals. This supports the soil and helps improve and grow a weed-free lawn. The aeration process involves digging small holes and pulling out cores from the soil. It allows water and fertilizer to reach the roots, improving soil compaction.

Disease and Surface Insect Control 

Proper maintenance can avoid diseases such as dollar spot, lawn leaf spot, and powdery mildew. Our team makes sure the lawn is mowed to an accurate height and provides guidance to avoid over or underwatering. Various insects can also affect your lawn and cause damage, making green lawns become dry and patched. Our team addresses this issue with insecticide to deal with surface insects like armyworms, billbugs, and cutworms.

Bio-Herbicide Products

Bio-herbicide products provide weed control without relying on synthetic chemical additives. Our bio-herbicide is made from iron and does not produce unpleasant odors, allowing you to enjoy your lawn immediately after the application has dried. It controls a list of common weeds, including dandelions and white clover.

3. Sustained Eco-friendly Practices 

At Natural Way Lawn, we prioritize environmentally responsible practices by using organic fertilizers, chemical-free weed control options, and pest management techniques. We also measure the soil fertility and test the status of various elements, such as phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium. This helps determine the timing and amount of fertilization and other pH-modifying agents needed.

Many turf grasses, flowers, and other vegetation grow in acidic conditions with a pH level of 6.1 to 6.9. A soil test can determine whether your soil is neutral, alkaline, or acidic. These results help our specialists provide an accurate service to raise or reduce nutrient elements for optimum fertility.

4. Certified Pest Control Solutions

To help keep your lawn healthy, our service offerings include in-depth pest control for mosquitos, spiders, and other insects. Our perimeter control program uses four applications throughout the season to create a barrier, keeping various pests from invading your home and lawn. During the application, we create a perimeter around your home and other pest entry points, such as windows or downspouts. To address mosquito activity, our specialists use a fog technique that focuses on locations where the insects rest or reproduce. This involves five separate applications around the trees and decks surrounding your home.

5. Lawn Maintenance Recommendations

Natural Way Lawn can provide lawn care guidance and recommendations to help maintain your lawn throughout the season. When deciding how much to water your lawn, we typically recommend watering at least 20 minutes per zone. Factors such as shady areas or sandy soil can also impact the lawn’s moisture needs. During the season, it’s best to water in the mornings to avoid evaporation from the afternoon heat. Keep blades sharp to avoid dull cuts that may stress your lawn. We also recommend mowing when the grass is dry.

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Here at Natural Way Lawn, our team of specialists can provide lawn care guidance, soil testing, and grass maintenance. We offer customized solutions for your yard’s needs. Our team addresses any issues with your lawn, aids and improves its appearance, and supports healthy growth for a healthy and green landscape. Whether you need comprehensive lawn care services, arbor maintenance, or pest control, our team can help. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities and receive a quote.