6 Popular Features of Lawn Fertilizer Service

May 7, 2024 | Uncategorized

Maintaining a healthy lawn requires regular mowing, watering, fertilizer, and weed control. A lawn fertilizer service can supply key nutrients to your lawn to promote healthy, green grass. At Natural Way Lawn, we offer three different fertilizer programs that we tailor to meet your needs and preferences. Some features of our lawn fertilizer services include:

1. Custom-Tailored Solutions

We offer three different lawn fertilizer service programs. We use these options as a starting point for creating a custom-tailored solution for your lawn. Our Naturally Green Lawn Program includes a mineral-based granular fertilizer that we add to your lawn during every application. We spray weeds on an as-needed basis. Our Naturally Organic Lawn Program is good for lawns that lack proper soil structure because it boosts organic matter in the soil. Our Naturally Free Lawn Program is designed for those who only want fertilizer and no weed control. We can further customize these programs to create one that suits your needs.

2. Effective Against Weeds

The Naturally Green Lawn Program and the Naturally Organic Lawn Program offer herbicides to help control weeds. We start the season with an application that includes a pre-emergent. This will help prevent the growth of unwanted weeds throughout the season. Broadleaf weeds need weed control when actively growing, so we typically begin with your second application. We use post-emergent weed control sparingly so that there are fewer chemicals on your lawn. If you want to reduce chemicals around your home even more, we offer Bio-Herbicide as an alternative to synthetic chemical weed control. This herbicide is made from iron and does not include any chemicals commonly found in weed control products. It also does not leave behind unpleasant odors, so you and your pets can enjoy the area immediately after the Bio-Herbicide has dried. Each program has the option to upgrade to Bio-Herbicide.

3. Environmentally Sound Practices

Natural Way Lawn focuses on using environmentally sound practices. Our landscape managers actively search for ways to use fewer chemicals while reducing weeds and helping your lawn look its best. We do this by only using the amount of weed control product that is needed to eliminate the weeds in your yard and by offering options such as Bio-herbicide or herbicide-free lawn care. If you are sensitive to chemicals or want to reduce your chemical footprint, we can provide you with options and support.

4. Consistent Fertilization

Depending on your lawn fertilizer service, you can select mineral-based granular fertilizer or organic fertilizer. Mineral-based fertilizers are composed of natural mineral compounds such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These fertilizers release nutrients slowly over time to provide a consistent supply of nourishment to the lawn. Organic fertilizers provide naturally produced nutrients, such as manure, to grow a robust lawn. We recommend fertilizing your lawn every 4-5 weeks to keep your lawn healthy and looking its best. Our state-certified applicators can stay on top of this schedule to make sure your lawn doesn’t go too long without fertilization. We also use equipment that evenly delivers fertilizer so we don’t miss any large sections of your lawn. Remaining consistent with application delivers nutrients to your lawn to keep it healthy and vibrant.

5. Personalized Service

Natural Way Lawn aims to provide personalized service to care for your lawn’s needs. Each property has one specialist assigned to it. This allows our specialists to learn your lawn and preferences, which helps them provide more personalized service. We also have a free service call policy so that you can call us anytime with your questions and concerns at no additional charge. You can also contact us if you think you need another application. If you notice weeds growing two weeks after weed control application, we can come and apply a post-emergent product to fix the problem. One of our main goals as a company is to provide personal attention to each of our customers while delivering top-quality results.

6. State-Certified Applicators

According to the law in Michigan, any company that applies pesticides has to be licensed by the state. For this reason, we only hire state-certified applicators. Along with being certified, our specialists complete a comprehensive training program that includes instructions on properly fertilizing and caring for a lawn. By hiring specialists who meet these qualifications, we can make sure your lawn is taken care of by high standards.

Contact Natural Way Lawn for Lawn Fertilizer Service

Investing in a lawn fertilizer service can help you achieve a healthy lawn. Natural Way Lawn offers three fertilizer programs: Naturally Green Lawn Program, Naturally Organic Lawn Program, and Naturally Free Lawn Program. Each program is designed to suit different preferences and can be customized to suit your lawn’s needs. We use the highest quality products and provide the best service so you can achieve the lawn of your dreams. Get a quote today to get started.