7 Questions To Ask Your Lawn Care Service Company

Dec 14, 2023 | Uncategorized

Keeping your lawn in great shape can be a time-consuming task, but working with a professional lawn care service makes this much easier. Finding the right provider and service plan is a great way to cultivate a quality lawn for you to enjoy. Natural Way Lawn provides excellent lawn care services for our customers.

Questions To Ask Your Lawn Care Service Provider

At Natural Way Lawn, we care about healthy lawns and happy customers. We know that not everyone has the same lawn care needs, so take steps to find the right lawn service for your home or business. Here are six questions that we recommend you ask your lawn care provider:

1. What Lawn Care Service Plans Do You Offer?

When reviewing your lawn care provider, the place to start is with their service plans. Consider your goals and look for a service that offers flexible plans that meet your needs. If you want to keep it simple, look for providers that offer basic services without trying to upsell you products you don’t want. Other features you may want to look out for are how often your service will provide treatment. Your lawn care service should work toward the goals you set.

2. How Do You Control Weeds?

Weed control is a cornerstone service offered by many providers, but there are many strategies for weed control. Talk to your service about the herbicides they use. You should also ask them about chemical-free options. Understanding a service’s weed control strategy can help choose the plan that’s right for your lawn.

3. What Do You Do About Pests?

Controlling lawn pests is another conversation you should have with your service. Pest control is like weed control in that there are different approaches you can take. Find out in advance what your service plans to do about insects and other pests. Talk to them about your priorities, and ask whether they have targeted or chemical-free options.

4. What Lawn Diseases Are You Able to Treat?

Lawns are not immune to disease, so your lawn care service should have strategies for the problems common in your area. Talk to your provider about the diseases that are common in your area. Your provider can help you learn about the symptoms of these diseases. They can also tell you about treatment options and preventative measures you can take.

5. What Additional Services Do You Offer?

Lawn mowing, fertilization, and weed control are the most common services provided by lawn care companies, but keeping your lawn healthy is not limited to these steps. Talk to your lawn care provider about other services like soil testing and aeration. These aren’t the sort of services you will need weekly, but they are powerful tools to keep your lawn healthy. Find out whether they perform these services. Even if they don’t provide aeration or soil testing themselves, they may be able to recommend a reputable provider for these services.

6. Who Will Take Care of My Lawn?

Knowing who will take care of your lawn is just as key as knowing what they plan to do. Talk to your provider about who will be treating your lawn. Ideally, your lawn will be taken care of by a designated specialist who will become familiar with your lawn and its needs. Ask your lawn care provider about your specialist’s licenses and experience. Your lawn deserves an experienced professional that can provide what your lawn needs, and help you understand those needs as well.

7. What if Something Happens to My Lawn Between Service Calls?

Even the best-tended lawns can be damaged by storms, home maintenance projects, and other unforeseen factors. Talk to your lawn care provider about what they can do should something like this happen to your lawn. Find out whether they perform service calls between scheduled treatments. Some providers will offer these service calls as part of your lawn care plan. If they don’t, find out how much you should expect to pay for such a service. In some cases this may depend on the package you buy, so knowing about it in advance can help you choose the plan that is right for your lawn.

Seek Expert Lawn Care Service From Natural Way Lawn

Natural Way Lawn understands the need for high-quality, low-impact lawn care. Our customers deserve a great lawn and a pest-free home without damaging the environment. We pursue this goal by offering environmentally friendly and chemical-free solutions whenever possible. Our organic and strategically targeted pest control solutions control insects and other pests while keeping your lawn a healthy place to have fun.

Our lawn care specialists have years of experience in pest control. We are confident that our dedication to quality and low-impact solutions sets us apart from other pest control companies. Contact us to learn more about our flexible lawn care plans.