Update To Your Natural Way Service

We are continuing to take our responsibility for the safety of our employees and customers seriously. For the last month our sales, administrative, and customer support staff have been working from home, and we have been abiding by the Governor’s Stay at Home executive order since it was released on March 20th.

We know there is some uncertainty as to when we will be able to get back out to your property, and we are aware that there is specific discussion underway in Lansing regarding our industry. At present, our Stay at Home order in Michigan extends another week, and there are some specific county orders we need to also adhere to. It may be extended. There also may be a specific provision made so that your lawns, landscapes, and pest control services may be maintained. We have been in conversation on a daily basis with product manufacturers and providers, as well as industry sources, to make sure that when we do get back to work, we are doing what is best for your property at that time.

We expect to be able to deliver effective crabgrass control this season. 
Some of our customers will receive their first application later this year than normal, and we know that is concerning many of you who are worried about crabgrass control this season. But every year we provide crabgrass control well into May – some city ordinances even require it. Each year we have customers that sign up for service later in the season, and we are able to provide them complete service.  We already have plans underway to switch over our inventory so that when we do get back to work, we are able to provide you with the same results you have come to expect.

It’s too early to make structural changes to our programs.
While this may change in the future, remember that some years there is still snow on the ground now and we can’t even start until mid-April. We can still deliver crabgrass control. We can still deliver weed control. We know everyone still wants their aerations, grub controls, and everything right through to their winter application. We expect to be busy, but as of now our schedule hasn’t been affected to the point where we need to limit your services.

We are asking all customers to leave us a voice message. While we will all be working during normal business hours, we will be using personal cell phones to return messages. We will be constantly checking voice messages, and distributing tickets to the appropriate personnel for follow up. We appreciate your understanding with the inconvenience this may present.

We will have very limited in-office interaction. 
This includes access to physical mail. We will be quickest at returning email and phone messages.

We already made our donation of PPE equipment to the counties we service, including much needed N95 masks and nitrile gloves. We handled this on day one of the Stay at Home order. Many of you were kind to suggest places and locations that could use the help. We are obviously glad we could help out in any way we can.

When we do get back to work our field technicians will not be taking payments. Additionally, while we have always encouraged our technicians to provide neighborly service – things like bringing up your empty garbage bins to the top of the driveway, picking up the newspaper – we have asked them to stop this season, and will be asking them to practice social distancing when interacting with clients. If you choose to engage with your technician, please do the same.

Until we can get back to work, please stay safe. And thank you for your patience and understanding as we all work together through this difficult time.