How Do I Get Rid of Moles in My Lawn?

Jul 3, 2023 | Uncategorized

Moles can be destructive to the look and feel of any lawn. They burrow their tunnels beneath the surface, creating unsightly mounds while damaging grass roots. Our lawn care service experts at Natural Way Lawn can help eliminate these pests and restore your yard’s beauty. Here are ways to get rid of moles and reclaim your lush lawn:

Get a Mole Trap

If you have kids or pets and don’t want to use toxic methods, a mole trap is an effective and safer way to catch and remove moles. There are many mole traps on the market, so research to find a highly-rated one. You need several traps if you have a big lawn or an extensive mole problem. Determine their most active runway and place your trap there for maximum results. Remove it from your property and release it in the wild when you catch something.

Use Repellents

Repellents use powerful odors to make moles flee and look for more pleasant living areas. Some cause digestive upset to these animals, making them avoid your lawn. You can purchase commercial repellents or create your own using castor oil and dish soap. Mix these two ingredients with water and spray the solution inside the tunnels. The pungent odor may irritate the moles and discourage them from returning. If you’re purchasing a commercial repellent, follow the directions as indicated by the manufacturer for maximum effectiveness. Some people prefer ultrasonic repellents. These machines emit irritating sound waves, chasing away the moles.

Use Bait

Baits kill moles and may be a more effective option than traps. A lawn care service professional can recommend the best bait and show you how to place it. Mole bait comes in various forms, including solid and liquid. Follow directions closely when using poisons, and remember to keep animals and children away from the area until the mole population is under control. If a mole dies inside the tunnel, it will eventually decay and decompose. If it dies on the surface, you must dispose of it carefully because it may cause an awful smell.

Remove Mole Food Sources

Moles are mainly attracted to your lawn because it provides abundant food, such as grubs, earthworms, and other insects. When you remove these insects, the moles will need to leave to find another source. To do this, use an insecticide or apply nematodes in your soil. These microorganisms feed on grubs and other pest insects but won’t harm your lawn. This method is most effective when combined with other methods, such as traps or repellents.

Get Professional Help

Eliminating moles from your lawn can be a tiring and time-consuming task. Some home remedies are ineffective, making them a waste of time and money. Consider getting a lawn care service expert to eliminate these pests and save yourself the hassle. They’re experienced in dealing with moles and know how to use effective methods without damaging your lawn. At Natural Way Lawn, we use Talpirid, a mild toxin that looks, feels, and smells like an earthworm. When moles eat it, it kills them. You can expect results within 48 hours.

Choose Our Lawn Care Service for Effective Mole Elimination

Getting rid of moles can be a daunting task for a regular homeowner. If you’re struggling to remove these pests or don’t have the time to, contact Natural Way Lawn. We provide effective solutions to eliminate moles from your lawn and restore its appearance. Our lawn care service experts are experienced in dealing with these pesky rodents. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.