How Short Is Too Short To Mow the Lawn?

May 25, 2023 | Uncategorized

Most people think cutting the grass too short is a great way to add a few more days between mowing. But doing so may result in issues that can disrupt the health and beauty of your lawn. We are committed to providing high-quality lawn care service using environmentally sound practices. Let’s discuss how short is too short to mow the lawn.

How Short Is Too Short?

Too short is anything less than two inches. When grass is too short, it gets stressed out quickly and becomes prone to wilting, especially in warmer weather.

If you are cutting short you’ll have to be more diligent with fertilizing and watering to promote its growth since the cuts require more time to heal.

Cutting the grass too short makes it less immune to pest problems. When pests attack, it will be much harder to solve the issue. Sometimes, the pests can drain the nutrients vital for grass to thrive, meaning you may have to install new turf.

Grass that is too short can also promote the growth of weeds that rob the grass of essential nutrients. The weeds may eventually outgrow the grass, robbing the lawn of its aesthetic appeal.

Our team has knowledge and years of experience in pest control and proper lawn care. We are dedicated to providing quality service, from customer service to our production department to our sales staff. We’ll help you have a pest-free, thriving lawn with less impact on the environment.

How Can You Mow Properly?

The remedy is mowing the lawn as high as you can tolerate. The ideal height will depend on the type of grass on your lawn and the climate in your area.

Generally, you should cut the grass to above three inches for great results. Remove only a third of the grass at a time.

A healthy height will offer enough shade to fend off weeds and help the soil retain water. Mow your lawn each week, or less often during drought stress and heat to avoid stressing the grass, to get a healthier lawn.

Longer grass results in more leaf blades, providing several benefits. Extra leaf blades cause more photosynthesis resulting in more prolific, stronger shoots and root growth.

The grass will withstand heat, drought, and insect infestation better. Longer grass can also hide thin, patchy areas that may exist in your lawn. Check out your neighborhood in summer – the best looking lawns will always be cut above a few inches in height.

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