How to Choose a Lawn Fertilization Program for Your Yard

Feb 3, 2023 | Uncategorized

Buying the right fertilizer is one of your top challenges if you’re looking to grow a healthy lawn. A lawn fertilizer service like Natural Way Lawn offers an efficient way to get the best products for your yard. We have various lawn fertilization programs designed for specific yards and needs. Every lawn is unique. Some are new turfs, while others are healthy or stressed. Here are three tips on how to choose a lawn fertilization program for your yard and how we can help:

1. Know Your Lawn’s Needs

You should outline your lawn’s needs before securing any lawn fertilizer service. At Natural Way, we feature unique programs targeting specific yards. Green, weed-free lawns with fewer chemicals have different needs from lawns with poor soil structure. The type of grass or weeds and the location also influence fertilization schedules and elements.

If you have an established healthy lawn, use a fertilizer with more nitrogen and less potassium. Healthy lawns only need a little potassium because the roots are already established. This element barely moves until the plant uses it, so you don’t need more. Nitrogen is mobile and highly utilized, and can be depleted by bagging clippings, so you’ll need greater amounts.

Owners of a new lawn need a fertilizer with more potassium and less nitrogen. Potassium helps nutrients move to where they are needed, which is important in establishing a new lawn. Nitrogen is responsible for the lush green leaves and twigs. The roots in a new lawn may not be strong enough to support rapid above-ground growth.

If you have a stressed lawn, increased potassium may help reduce the stress. You also need nitrogen to spur growth. Choose fertilizers with high nitrogen and potassium. Natural Way Lawn can help you identify the best N-P-K ratio based on your lawn’s needs. We study the yard’s soil structure and chemical makeup to help you optimize nutrients for your greenery.

2. Determine the Ideal Fertilizer Type

The right ratio of nutrients can be packed into different types of lawn fertilizers. Popular options include weed and feed, synthetic, liquid, granular, gradual release, time release, and more. At the Natural Way Lawn, we recognize three primary distinctions: granular vs. liquid, organic vs. synthetic, and specialty lawn fertilizer.

Granular fertilizer comes in pellet form and easily spreads over the lawn. Liquid fertilizer is mixed with water and applied to the lawn. Granular fertilizer offers more even coverage and has a slower release system, so the results are long-term. You’ll wait a bit longer for the grass to green up. Liquid fertilizer offers faster greening, but with short-term results.

Synthetic fertilizer is manufactured in a chemical process that offers fast results for most yards. Organic based fertilizer is derived from natural processes, and may offer more heavy nutrients and microbes. The option is expensive and may require repeated applications, but the results will be admirable, as over time organic based fertilizer improves soil structure.

Specialty lawn fertilizers are products that combine nutrients with weed, insect, or fungus killing chemicals.  They can help you eliminate pesky problems before and after they emerge. You can also find gradual-release fertilizers that take time to release the nutrients to prevent them from being washed. You need programs with the ideal fertilizers through all growth phases.

3. Know Your Lawn Fertilization Options

Choosing a lawn fertilization program is easier with knowledge of the best ratio and type of fertilizer for your yard. At the Natural Way Lawn, we offer multiple programs, including Naturally Green, Naturally Organic, and Naturally Free. The Naturally Green lawn program is our flagship six-step fertilization program. We use mineral-based granular fertilizers.

Naturally Green is the best program for most yards if you want a green, weed-free lawn that needs fewer chemicals. The Naturally Organic program combines traditional herbicides to help you create a weed-free lawn. You can increase organic matter content and gradually reduce dependence on chemicals. The program is especially good for lawns with poor soil structure.

Our Naturally Free program is all about fertilizer and nothing else. We eliminate the weed-killing chemicals to provide a herbicide-free program if you or your lawn has high chemical sensitivity. All our fertilization programs feature a licensed, state-certified commercial applicator. We also offer free service calls and expert monitoring/reporting.

You need a reputable lawn fertilization company like Natural Way Lawn to deliver the right program for your yard. Our team comprises of specialists ready for assignment on your lawn. We leverage our larger resources to provide tailored lawn programs at reasonable prices. You can speak to our specialists for more clarity before selecting a program.

Trustworthy Lawn Fertilizer Service

Grass and other plants in your lawn need a steady supply of nutrients to survive and thrive. Consider a professional lawn fertilizer service to help you build an even turn of healthy grass and greenery. Natural Way Lawn has over three decades in the lawn and tree service sector. We provide our clients with reliable solutions and high-quality products for their lawns. Our company can help you grow and maintain healthy lawns throughout the year.