Is Soil Testing a Worthwhile Lawn Care Service?

May 23, 2023 | Uncategorized

While researching ways to create and maintain a healthy lawn, you may have encountered soil testing and wondered whether it’s worthwhile. Natural Way offers this lawn care service, as well as several others, to keep your lawn looking its best. A soil test helps you learn more about various soil conditions and make informed decisions about future lawn care.


Is Soil Testing a Worthwhile Lawn Care Service?

Soil testing services can help you know how to maintain the right conditions for proper lawn care. Your soil should be well-balanced to promote healthy root growth and strong nutrient uptake. Soil testing provides an in-depth analysis of your lawn’s soil composition, allowing you to determine the right fertilizer, water, and other treatments needed to keep your lawn lush and green.

Here are some things a soil test can reveal:


1. Soil Fertility

Grass needs certain nutrients to grow and stay healthy. A soil test can reveal if the levels of these essential minerals are sufficient for proper growth. Some of these nutrients are phosphorus, potassium, and calcium. If our experts determine that the soil requires additional nutrients, they can recommend the right fertilizers for your lawn’s specific needs. A soil test can also reveal that there is too much of a particular nutrient, which can harm your lawn’s health and pollute the environment. By understanding any over-fertilization issues, you can avoid costly, unnecessary treatments.


2. Soil Structure and Texture

Soil structure and texture are other factors that may affect your lawn’s health and growth. Soil texture refers to the size and number of particles within the soil, while the structure is determined by how these particles are arranged. Our lawn care service experts can evaluate your lawn’s texture and structure to determine the best ways to improve it, including whether you need additional soil amendments or drainage solutions. These solutions may include core aeration or top dressing, which can help loosen compacted soil and improve drainage.


3. pH Levels

The acidity or alkalinity of your soil can affect many lawn care aspects. A soil test is the only way to accurately measure and assess pH levels, which can help you determine the right treatments to keep your soil balanced. Most grasses and plants, like ornamental shrubs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables, require a slightly acidic environment for optimal growth. Some plants grow better in more acidic soils, like azaleas, ferns, rhododendrons, hydrangeas, blueberries, and many others. Testing the soil before planting can help you determine how to maintain the correct pH level.


4. Diseases and Pests

Some diseases stay dormant in the soil, only to become active later. They may become active when you’ve already planted your grass, causing a costly infestation. A soil test can help detect diseases and pests that may be present in the soil. That can allow you to take preventative measures before they become a problem. Depending on the problem and its severity, you may need to choose another type of grass or vegetable. You can also take other actions, like applying pesticides and fungicides.


Get Our Soil Testing Service Today

Trial and error for soil management can cost you money and time. Make confident decisions by hiring our professionals at Natural Way for soil testing. Our lawn care service experts will test the soil, provide an analysis, and recommend suitable lawn care treatments. Contact us today for more information about our soil testing services.