Lawn Care Service: Tree Maintenance

May 20, 2023 | Uncategorized

Caring for your trees preserves their beauty, protects the health of nearby plants, and strengthens your property’s structural integrity. Natural Way is a lawn care service that provides tree maintenance services. Our experienced arborists have specialized training and can help you create a long-term care plan to keep your trees healthy and beautiful.

Tree Maintenance Services

1. Fertilization

Your trees need adequate nutrition to thrive and stay healthy. We can evaluate the soil around your trees and provide a customized fertilizer treatment. Especially if you have fruit trees, regular fertilization may help increase their productivity and yield. It helps restore vital nutrients, balance soil pH, and promote healthy root growth.

Our tree care service professionals understand the unique needs of different types of trees and can help you develop a customized fertilization plan.

3. Disease and Pest Control

Tree diseases can spread quickly and devastate the health of plants throughout your landscape. Our arborists are trained to spot disease signs, diagnose the problem, and provide suitable treatment. We use effective, eco-friendly treatments to target the problem and restore health to your trees.

We can also identify any pest infestations and recommend a pest control plan to remove them safely. If you notice something wrong with your trees, like leaf yellowing or holes in leaves, contact us immediately so we can take prompt action. Early diagnosis and treatment can save your trees from permanent damage.

4. Tree Weather Damage Control

Michigan’s extreme winter weather can cause physical stress and deformities in your trees, sometimes even killing them. Our arborists understand the changes in local weather and can help you protect your trees from harsh elements. We can offer a late fall anti-desiccant spray that prevents moisture loss from leaves and branches and protect your trees against winter burns.

Don’t leave your trees vulnerable to wind and snow damage. Let Natural Way provide you with effective and efficient protection solutions.

5. Weed Control

Weeds can sneak in and compete with your trees for nutrients and water, resulting in unhealthy growth and stunted development. Our lawn care service professionals can identify troublesome weeds around your trees and suggest effective herbicides.

We may also suggest mulching or other protective barriers to prevent new weeds from sprouting up. Keep your trees free from unnecessary competition, and they’ll grow strong and healthy.

Get Our Tree Care Service Today

Natural Way provides comprehensive tree maintenance services in southeastern Michigan. Our technicians have specialized training and years of experience caring for different types of trees. We will evaluate your trees’ needs, create a specific plan for their care, and provide all necessary services to keep them healthy. Contact us today to get a quote.