Aeration Should Be Part Of Everyone’s Lawn Program

Aeration is the process of plugging the soil with small holes and pulling cores out, allowing air, water and fertilizer access to the root zone. This process reduces soil compaction and helps eliminate thatch, resulting in new growth and increased root development. Deeper roots equal stronger lawns. Strong lawns look healthier, fuller, require less irrigation, and are more able to fight disease, insect, and environmental issues on their own.

Deeper Roots = Stronger Lawns

How Do You Know If You Need to Aerate?

Some lawns require multiple aerations a year; others have never been aerated and seem fine. The need to aerate is very dependent on the underlying soil consistency and the types of grasses in the lawn. Grass types that develop thatch will need to be aerated regularly. Clay soils will need to be aerated regularly. Grasses that are struggling to thrive despite adequate irrigation and feeding need to be aerated.

Check your thatch depth. If it is half an inch or higher, it’s time to aerate. Put a shovel in your lawn. If it doesn’t bury half the blade without heavy pushing or stomping, it’s time to aerate.

Its Time to Aerate