Alternatives to Synthetic Chemicals

Looking to reduce your chemical footprint? Natural Way offers an alternative to synthetic chemical weed control. Our bio-herbicide product is made from iron, providing quick and thorough control of broadleaf weeds without relying on the common chemicals used in most weed control products.

Due to its composition, our bio-herbicide leaves no unpleasant odors, so people and pets can fully enjoy the area as soon as the application has dried!

Our Bio-herbicide controls an impressive list of common weeds, including: Dandelion, English daisy, False dandelion, White clover, Black medic, Bull thistle, Canada thistle, Common chickweed, Creeping buttercup, Slender speedwell, Narrow- leaved plantain, Dove’s-foot geranium, Lawn burweed, Broad-leaved plantain and others.”

Family enjoying picnic on lawn where bio-herbicides were used