Get Green and Stay Green!

Improve your turf quality with lawn services from Natural Way. You’re one step closer to the beautiful, green lawn you want with the peace of mind you desire.

Pick from the three different programs below that serve as the starting point for a program tailor made to deliver results that are superior in every way.

Naturally Green Lawn Program

Our flagship 7-Step fertilization program. Mineral based granular fertilizer with every application, and traditional post-emergent weed control applied when and where it’s most effective so there are fewer chemicals around your home.

Good For:
Green, weed-free lawn with fewer chemicals.

Naturally Organic Lawn Program

Organic based fertilizer combined with traditional herbicide, providing a weed free lawn and boosting organic matter content in the soil, which over time reduces dependency on chemical input.

Good For:
Lawns with poor soil structure.

Naturally Free Lawn Program

Just want the fertilizer, and not picky about weeds? No problem! Natural Way offers an herbicide-free program to help your lawn grow.

Good For:
Chemical Sensitivity.

All Programs Include:

  • Option to upgrade to Bio-Herbicide
  • A licensed, state certified commercial applicator
  • Free service calls between sequential applications
  • Expert monitoring and reporting on each visit
  • Solutions to pest problems that resort to chemicals last
  • A partnership that encourages customer involvement
  • Fewer chemicals around your home and family
  • Powered, ride on equipment to properly calibrate and evenly deliver fertilizer
  • Year to Year Discount Renewal

The Natural Way Difference

  • Fewer chemicals
  • Receive an assigned Specialist
  • Large corporation resources from a local family run business who cares
  • ALL specialists are state-certified applicators
  • Custom-tailored for lawn programs
  • Prompt service calls