Control the Number of Mosquitoes

Here at Natural Way we use a fogging technique to control the number of mosquitoes that are present on your property. Our process can see a significant reduction in the number of mosquitoes visiting your property looking for their next meal.

Mosquitoes have been given the distinction of being the most dangerous animal in the world. Mosquitoes can transmit diseases from person-to-person, and to our pets as well.

Let Natural Way control these pests for you so you can enjoy your summer nights while they are here, because we all know winter comes fast here in Michigan.

Mosquitoes can be more than a nuisance; they can carry harmful diseases, not to mention ruin a warm summer night outdoors with your family and friends.

Our Approach

We use several techniques to identify problem areas that are associated with mosquito activity on your property. We will fog the areas where mosquitoes are likely to rest, reproduce, as well as seek out their next meal. Female mosquitoes primarily feed on blood but do feed on nectar and honeydew; with male mosquitoes it is the reverse.

The applications involve five seasonal sprays to the perimeter of your property, in and around the trees and shrubs, and under the decks and against the house. These sprays target hiding spots where mosquitoes congregate waiting to feed on you and your family. These applications will make your property undesirable for mosquitoes to hang around, greatly reducing the amount of mosquito encounters each day.

Make your property undesirable for mosquitoes to hang around