Prevent pests from entering your home

This program is designed to prevent pests from entering your home by creating a barrier that shields your home with maximum protection against ants, spiders, earwigs and many other invading insects. We treat a band around the perimeter of your home and foundation, as well as obvious entry points and places pests are active. Your specialist is trained to treat potential problem areas such as: cracks, windows, doors, eaves and downspouts.

Creat a barrier that shields your home with maximum protection

Ensure optimum protection

There are four applications throughout the season to ensure optimum protection. We guarantee our Perimeter Pest Control, so if you have any issues between your treatments, simply call us and we’ll re- apply the application at no charge to you.

At Natural Way, we are constantly investigating and testing methods and products which can deliver results with the use of fewer chemicals. We are proud to introduce our Organic Pest Control Program as an alternative for customers interested in reducing the use of pesticides around their home.  Please ask us for details!

Guaranteed Perimeter Pest Control