This disease is most active during periods of hot humid weather. It usually appears from late July through the end of August. Dollar Spot starts off as bright white circles resembling silver dollars left on the lawn during the heat of the day.

Dollar Spot Example

What Will Happen To My Lawn?

It is a soil bound disease that can destroy whole areas of the lawn if left untreated requiring multiple treatments of fungicide to get the disease under control. Combating Dollar Spot can be a timely and unpleasant weekend activity.

What Can I Do?

Grass clippings should be bagged until the lawn has recovered. This will help prevent the spread of disease. Sometimes a fungicide is necessary to achieve complete control. Some local hardware stores carry fungicides that can treat Dollar Spot. Be sure to read the label and apply according to the directions. Depending on the severity of the disease, more than one fungicide application may be required.

How Can Natural Way Help?

We have trained, certified professionals who are used to dealing with Dollar Spot and other problems. Natural Way can treat your lawn with a fungicide that will control Dollar Spot and minimize overall damage.

Dollar Spot on golf course grasses

Dollar spot, seen here on creeping bentgrass, is one of the two most troublesome diseases of golf course grasses. – Kevin Mathias,

Dollar Spot Patch

Photo of several Dollar Spot patches in lawn – Mary Ann Hansen, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University,