White, powdery mildew develops on grass blades especially in shaded areas or in areas with restricted air flow such as under trees or between homes.

Powdery Mildew Close Up

Clemson University – USDA Cooperative Extension Slide Series, ,

In severe outbreaks, large areas of turf appear dull white as if dusted with flour or over sprayed with white paint.

What Will Happen To My Lawn?

Your lawn will become thinner and eventually die in the affected areas.

What Can I Do?

You can help prevent this disease by reducing shade and improving air circulation by trimming or pruning trees and shrubs in affected areas. We recommend that you seed these areas to reestablish thick, healthy turf.

How Can Natural Way Help?

Fungicides are rarely recommended. We can offer pruning advice and referrals. We can aerate your lawn to alleviate compacted soil and help with drainage.