Fleas can cause a painful bite for you along with your pet. If left untreated, cats and dogs scratch constantly which can resolve in their skin becomes infected and may even lead into a nervous condition. Ticks can carry Lyme disease, bacteria and viruses.

Flea Close Up

What Can Happen?

If your lawn has fleas and ticks, you and your pets have probably come in contact with them. Deer ticks are especially threatening due to their ability to spread Lyme disease to humans. Recent research shows that 20-36% of ticks now carry Lyme disease. In fact, while adult fleas and ticks spend most of their time on animals, the eggs can drop from your pet into your carpeting, rugs, favorite chair, along baseboards, in floor cracks and other areas of the house and yard.

What Can I Do?

Change your pet’s bedding regularly. Be sure to vacuum thoroughly and regularly. Vacuuming removes eggs, larva and food sources. Be sure to dispose of your vacuum bag once a week because these insects can still survive in the bag. Visit your veterinarian for the recommended treatment for your pets.

How Can Natural Way Help?

Pesticide treatments that focus on your lawn and shrubbery are the best way to keep these annoying and sometimes dangerous insects out of your yard, your home and your life.

Tick Close Up

Photo of a tick closeup – Credit: Scott Bauer, USDA Agricultural Research Service