Leaf scorch symptoms commonly appear as browning between veins or along margins. However, plants may differ in pattern of scorch development. In general, the yellowing becomes increasingly severe and tissue dies at leaf margins and between veins.

Landscape Injuries Example

This is the stage at which injury becomes easily noticeable. Often dead tissue appears without any previous yellowing. Scorch is most often restricted entirely too marginal areas. Symptoms may appear on only one branch or one side of the tree, or may be spread over the entire tree. Usually the side of the tree exposed to damage, wind, sun or other unfavorable conditions will show injury first.

What Will Happen To My Landscape?

Leaf scorch is an environmental problem from soil compaction, lack of nutrients and water. Leaves may begin to dry up and fall off. When leaf scorch is noticed, the tissue has usually dried past the point of recovery, but several steps can be taken to prevent more severe damage and improve the condition in subsequent years.

What Can I Do About Leaf Scorch?

Thorough, deep watering will usually help increase water uptake. Often the tree can also be pruned and shaped to enhance its appearance in addition to improving the leaf scorch problem.

How Can Natural Way Help Me?

Here at Natural Way we have certified professionals who are used to dealing with leaf scorch. Our tree experts can give you the advice you need to help reduce the possibility of leaf scorch.

Landscape Injuries Close Up

Photo of Leaf Scorch symtoms – credit: Randy Cyr, Greentree,