The presence of these pests is usually an indication of high moisture or humidity in your home. These pests can be very numerous and a general nuisance.
Cricket Close Up

How Can Natural Way Pest Control Help Me?

We have a full service Pest Control division with certified professionals. We will perform a thorough inspection to help design a custom pest control program for your home. As part of your customized program, we will treat in and around your home four times per year. Two of the services are inside your home and utilize a combination of crack, crevice and bait treatments to target pests where they live and breed while minimizing exposure to people and pets. The two remaining services use our Natural Green Perimeter Control System on the exterior of your house to control insects before they enter your home.

What Can I Do To Assist Natural Way Pest Control In The Treatment Of These Pests?

Reduce the moisture or humidity in your home. Forty eight hours after any one of our treatments, please take the time to vacuum or remove the insects. This will help with future monitoring.