A leaf spot disease creates spots on foliage. Spots are most often brownish, but may be tan or black. Concentric rings or a dark margin around the spot may be present. Trees and shrubs will have dark spotting on the leaves.

Leaf Spot Close Up

What Will Happen To My Landscape?

In wet conditions, leaf spot can spread throughout the entire landscape. Partial to complete defoliation may occur under favorable conditions for the causal fungus. Even severe defoliation will not generally cause the death of an otherwise healthy tree. Also, by the time symptoms of leaf spot are obvious, it is often too late to apply a chemical for control. That is why prevention is the best measure with leaf spot diseases.

What Can I Do About Leaf Spot?

Water trees deeply during dry spells to reduce stress. Do not water over the top of the leaves, soaker hoses are best. Every fall rake out and destroy diseased leaves that have fallen prematurely and fertilize to restore health due to leaf loss. A combination of cultural and chemical control is often required. Most local hardware stores carry fungicides that will control leaf spot. Because these sprays can cause injury to some plants, read the label thoroughly before using and apply according to the directions. Depending on the severity of the damage, more than one fungicide application may be required for complete control. When combating leaf spot its best to think of it as treating allergies, something that will never go away, but having fewer symptoms each year by having regular treatments. Combating leaf spot can be a timely and unpleasant weekend task.

How Can Natural Way Help?

Prevention is the key in controlling leaf spot. Here at Natural Way we have certified professionals who are used to dealing with and controlling diseases like leaf spot. Our 6 Point Protection Program will provide several critically timed sprays to the landscape that will help control and prevent leaf spot, extend the life of the landscape and minimize overall damage.

Even though leaf spot will not generally kill a plant by itself, the plant or tree will become more susceptible to other problems and its appearance will be unsightly.

Leaf Spot on Leaves

Photo of Septoria Leaf Spot and Canker – credit: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Archive, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources,