When a birch is severely infested, holes where the borers have entered the tree are visible on shadier portions of the tree. Early stages of birch borer usually reveal early browning of foliage and leaf drop. When the damage becomes severe, the branches may begin to drop as well.

Bronze Birch Borer Up Close

What Will Happen To My Landscape?

Long-term damage will cause the loss of limbs and eventually kill the entire tree. Trees without a pest management program will only live 15-20 years.

What Can I Do About Birch Borer?

A systemic injection into the tree or a soil injection of insecticide, which may be available at some hardware stores, will help to control the insect. In some cases, a certification or license may be required to purchase necessary insecticides. External insecticide sprays are not an effective way to manage this insect as it feeds on internal areas of the tree. Combating birch borer can be a timely and unpleasant weekend activity.

How Can Natural Way Help Me?

Prevention is the key in controlling birch borer. Here at Natural Way we have certified professionals who are used to dealing with birch borer and other problems. Natural Way can provide critically timed trunk injections to your Birch trees that will help control birch borer populations, extend the life of your Birch trees and minimize overall damage. The best method of control for birch borer is to start a control program before symptoms arise. If a homeowner waits to treat for birch borer after damage is noticed, the tree is often lost due to damage from the previous season.

Bronze Birch Borer Damage

Photo of a tree affected by Bronze Birch Borers – Credit: Steven Katovich, USDA Forest Service,