Unfortunately, symptoms of emerald ash borer don’t become obvious until two or more years after borers enter a tree. D-shaped exit holes, just 1/8″ in diameter, mark the emergence of adults. Split bark and foliage dieback may also indicate pest trouble.

Emerald Ash Borer Close Up

Just under the bark, S-shaped larval galleries will confirm the presence of emerald ash borers. Some homeowners may even see an increase of woodpecker activity pecking for the insects.

What Will Happen To My Landscape?

This insect has almost depleted all the white ash trees in Michigan. Emerald ash borer, if left untreated, will reproduce and spread from ash tree to ash tree. A severe infestation will lead to the loss of the ash.

What Can I Do About Emerald Ash Borer?

Treatments are needed every year to protect trees from emerald ash borer. Treatments may be more effective if overall tree health is maintained. Therefore, it is important to fertilize trees in the fall or spring, water regularly and uphold regular treatments. Combating emerald ash borer can be a timely and unpleasant weekend activity.

How Can Natural Way Help Me?

Prevention is the key in controlling Emerald Ash borer. Here at Natural Way we have certified professionals who are used to dealing with emerald ash borer and other boring insects. Natural Way can provide critically timed trunk injections to your ash trees that will help control emerald ash borer populations, extend the life of your ash trees and minimize overall damage.

If left untreated, there’s nearly a 100% chance that your ash trees will eventually die. The best method of control for emerald ash borer is to start a control program before symptoms arise. If a homeowner waits to treat for emerald ash borer after damage is noticed, the tree is often lost due to damage from the previous season.