When leaves from maple trees suddenly drop to the ground in late May or early June, you may be seeing maple petiole borer damage. The stems of the leaves are often black while the leaves are still green.

Maple Petiole Borer Close Up

What Will Happen To My Landscape?

Between 10-25% of the leaves may drop very suddenly. The larva of the borer stays in stem when the leaves fall. Eventually they fall and burrow into the ground to pupate.

What Can I Do About Maple Borers?

Insecticide sprays are an effective way to manage this insect as it feeds on internal areas of the leaves. Combating maple petiole borer can be a timely and unpleasant weekend activity. Most homeowners do not have the proper equipment that could provide adequate coverage of the large tree.

How Can Natural Way Help Me?

Prevention is the key in controlling maple petiole borer. Here at Natural Way we have certified professionals who are used to dealing with maple petiole borer and other problems. Natural Way can provide critically timed insecticide sprays that will help control maple petiole borer populations.

Maple Petiole Borer Damage

Photo of damage to a tree stem by a Maple Petiole Borer – Credit: Charles D. Pless, University of Tennessee, – leaves severed from petioles in sugar maple