Early warning signs of this pest infestation in a maple will be premature yellowing of the leaves leading to early leaf drop. Look for heavily eaten leaves showing a skeletal pattern of leaf veins.

Maple Twig Borer

Swollen twig spindle galls near the end of the current year’s twigs is a characteristic indicator of this borer’s presence. Often you can find swellings in the twig, with one side appearing to have a chewed-up opening.

What Will Happen To My Landscape?

The trees with maple twig borer will have dead branches and leaf dieback. The untreated trees will attract more insects and problems.

What Can I Do About Maple Twig Borer?

Removing and destroying infested twigs in the fall or spring, combined with foliar applications of residual-type insecticides when moths are active, should help to prevent and reduce infestation. A combination of cultural and chemical control is often required to control maple twig borer. Most local hardware stores carry insecticides that will control maple twig borer. Because these sprays can cause injury to certain plants, read the label thoroughly before using and apply according to the directions. Depending on the severity of the damage, more than one insecticide application may be required for complete control. Combating maple twig borer can be a timely and unpleasant weekend task!

How Can Natural Way Help?

Prevention is the key in controlling maple twig borer. Here at Natural Way we have certified professionals who are used to preventing and controlling insects like maple twig borer. Our 6 Point Protection Program will provide several critically timed sprays to the landscape that will help control maple twig borer, extend the life of the landscape and minimize overall damage.

Even though maple twig borers will not generally kill a plant by themselves, the plant or tree will become more susceptible to other problems and its appearance will be unsightly.

Maple Twig Borer Damage

Photo of damage to a Maple tree done by Maple Twig Borer – Credit: James Solomon, USDA Forest Service,