Scale insects look like little bumps along the stems of plants and are often mistaken for some type of disease. They adhere themselves to the plant and suck on the plant’s juices, drying it out and causing serious damage. Scale is one of the hardest insects to control.

Scale Close Up

What Will Happen To My Landscape?

Each species of scale only eats specific types of plants. Left untreated, scale will infest the landscape and devour their plant of choice eventually killing the host plant.

What Can I Do About Scale?

Chemical control may be your only option to control scale. Most local hardware stores carry insecticides that will control scale. Because these sprays can cause injury to certain plants, read the label thoroughly before using and apply according to the directions. Some scale have multiple hatching periods so more than one insecticide application may be required for complete control. Combating scale can be a timely and unpleasant weekend task!

How Can Natural Way Help?

Prevention is the key in controlling scale. Here at Natural Way we have certified professionals who are used to preventing and controlling insects like scale. Our 6 Point Protection Program will provide several critically timed sprays to the landscape that will help control scale, extend the life of the landscape and minimize overall damage.

Scale Damage