Mow High:

Mow, at least, 3” to 3.5” because longer grass blades will shade the soil below keeping the lawn cooler and helping to prevent weeds from germinating. You will have a greener, healthier lawn that requires less water and has fewer weeds.

Do Not Scalp The Lawn:

Scalping Lawn Graphic

Keep Blades Sharp:

Dull Mower Blade Grass Graphic

Sharpen your mower blades, at least, 2 to 3 times per season. Dull mower blades can cause a lawn to have a brown, hazy appearance and allow disease pathogens to attack your lawn. Never mow when the grass is wet.

Alternate Mowing Pattern:

Mowing in the same direction can cause the grass to bend in the direction you mow. Alternating direction corrects this problem.