Follow these simple lawn watering tips to keep your lawn looking wonderful and healthy all season long.

How Much Should I Water?

We advise starting with 20 minutes per zone per day. Keep in mind, this is only a guide and you may need to water either more or less depending upon the conditions below.

Water Less In:

Shady Areas
Clay/loam soil
Cool, wet weather

Water More In:

Sunny Areas
Sandy Soil
Hot, dry weather

Signs Of Water Stress

Your lawn will tell you when it needs more water. The first signs of water stress are when your lawn turns a darker blue-green color and when footprints remain in the turf after you walk on it. Your footprints remain because the grass blades are unable to bounce back due to the lack of water. At this point, you’ll need to increase watering times. After this point the lawn will turn grayish-green, the grass will wilt and begin to go dormant. It takes twice as much water to bring a lawn out of dormancy than it does to keep it from going dormant in the first place

When Should I Water?

Early morning, between 5am and 10am is the most efficient time of the day to water. Avoid watering during the afternoon when it tends to be hotter, windier and evaporation rates are highest.

Localized Dry Spots

If your lawn appears to be lush and green overall with a few dry looking areas, chances are your sprinklers are not overlapping enough in these zones. Increase the amount of water to these areas by adjusting your sprinkler heads or call an irrigation specialist and have it done professionally.

Avoid Water Waste

When adjusting your sprinklers, make sure all of the water is going on your lawn. Try to avoid watering your driveway, the sidewalk or the neighbor’s yard.

For more watering tips, call Natural Way