Natural Way is committed to providing the highest quality service. If you are not completely satisfied with the results of any treatment, simply notify us and we will perform a service call at no extra cost to you.


This agreement will remain in force for a period of one year and will be renewed automatically for successive one-year terms thereafter. You will receive prior written notice of such renewal together with any program changes or price increases. This agreement may be cancelled at any time by either party or by prior written notice, for any reason; payment for all work provided prior to cancellation will be immediately due.


Procedures, materials, rates of application and timing of applications will be determined solely by Natural Way. Natural Way agrees to furnish labor and materials and is authorized by you to treat the property at the address shown on the service agreement or confirmation letter. Natural Way is not responsible for damages to any underground lines or wires including, but not limited to, underground dog fencing, cable TV, telephone wires, electric lines, pipes, fixtures, irrigation lines, or any other buried lines, whether marked or not. It is, therefore, the customer’s responsibility to inform Natural Way of any underground lines or wires, prior to any service on the lawn or landscape. Natural Way will be responsible for damage to sprinkler heads only if the location is clearly marked prior to service.

Natural Way makes no warranty, express or implied, about the safety of our products used for the control of weeds, insects, diseases, or fertilizers which may be used. All control products used by Natural Way are E.P.A. registered, have passed extensive product testing and are applied according to label directions following all federal and state laws by state certified, trained Natural Way technicians.


Natural Way reserves the right to terminate or temporarily suspend this agreement if you fail to make payment when due. A late service fee equal to 1.5% of the outstanding balance (minimum of $1.00) per month will be charged on any balance unpaid over thirty (30) days. A service charge of $25.00 will be charged for any returned check. Refunds are computed by subtracting the regular price of any completed services from the original prepay amount, less a $35.00 processing fee. Natural Way may elect to impose a surcharge to your account due to uncontrollable cost increases from fertilizer or fuel.


Promotional Discounts are available in the first year of service only and are based upon the customer signing up for a full program and taking all remaining program applications in the year of offer. Customers that cancel before receiving all services may be charged the full value of these discounts.


Natural Way Inc. is responsible for scheduling your landscape for timely treatment. Treatments are generally made at (approximately four to seven week) intervals for lawn or tree and shrub care. Pest control treatments may be monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly.


These regularly scheduled programs can be modified depending on the weather and the conditions of your landscape. The success of this program depends in proper watering, mowing, and cultural practices. If you need assistance, please consult your specialist.


Natural Way is committed to working with you to achieve expected results. If an issue arises or you believe that a treatment was ineffective, call our office at (248) 239-4000. We will address your concerns at the time of your next regularly scheduled treatment, or if necessary, provide a service call to your property. As results over time are a function of continuous non-interrupted service, any service calls requested by you and performed by Natural Way during the time of a skipped treatment will be billed at the treatment cost. Additionally, service calls will only be honored for 21 days after the previous application in any instance where the next regular application is not scheduled. Customers with less than four applications are not eligible for service calls. Customers with an unpaid balance over thirty (30) days old will not receive a free service call.


Total insect elimination is not desirable, nor achievable, with any program because beneficial insects will be lost along with the target pests. Acceptable levels of activity and targeted applications combine to give enhanced plant aesthetics.


Plants invaded by borers have a high probability of death or decline. Sound cultural practices and control applications may extend the life of some species. Treatment of boring insects most often includes additional fees.


Climate conditions and type of disease and plant material affected will impact response. Canker, verticillium wilt and root rot are among uncontrollable diseases which cannot be prevented or controlled by Natural Way.


Grasses such as bent grass, tall fescue, and quack grass will not respond to selective herbicide. Nutsedge can be controlled with an additional service. Depending on their establishment in the turf, violets may require an additional treatment to control.


Lawn, tree, and pest programs consist of treatments as indicated below and on the service agreement or confirmation letter. Specific products, rates of application, and methods of application may vary with the season, weather conditions, and the specific needs of your property.

LAWN: NATURALLY GREEN – Custom blended fertilizer and weed control as needed.
LAWN: NATURALLY FREE – Fertilizer program only. No herbicides of any kind are used.
LAWN: ORGANIC GREEN – Organic based fertilizer and weed control as needed.
LAWN: ORGANIC FREE – Organic based fertilizer only, no herbicides of any kind are used.

TREE: BASIC TREE CARE – Consists of a dormant oil in the spring, followed by four disease and insect sprays during the season.
TREE: FUNGICIDE PROGRAM – Consists of three or four rapid succession sprays in spring to control certain specific disease issues.

PEST: ORGANIC PEST CONTROL – Four bimonthly exterior perimeter applications with all organic products.
PEST: PERIMETER PEST CONTROL – Four exterior perimeter sprays.
PEST: MOSQUITO CONTROL – Four treatments of the property to control mosquito levels.