Tree Trunk Injections

Natural Way strives to cover all areas of protection of your lawn, trees, and shrubs; both on the surface and inside. We have the ability to treat your tree’s vascular system with our tree trunk injections, delivering the product directly to the cambium layer of the tree. The product is quickly spread to the branches and upper canopy of the tree within 48 hours.

At Natural Way, we have certified arborists with many years of experience who have injected thousands of trees with great success.

Protect Trees:

Trunk injections are very desirable and worth the investment to save and improve the health of trees that are worth thousands of dollars.

Soil Drenches

When tree injections are not suitable for the treatment, we offer soil drenches. Soil drenches provide the same effective treatments as injections for young and small trees, and when using specific nutrients.

Soil drenching is the process of adding diluted control products to the base of the target plant. These deep penetrating products are absorbed by the tree and can range from fertilizers, insecticides to treat infestations, and specially formulated nutrients for the tree.

Protect Young Trees & Shrubs:
Same effective treatments as injections for young and small trees