What To Look For in a Lawn Fertilizer Service

Aug 30, 2023 | Uncategorized

Proper fertilization can help maintain a lush and healthy lawn. Hire professionals when your yard needs fertilization, as they know which type of fertilizer to use and how often to use it. At Natural Way Lawn, we help property owners maintain vibrant yards by providing expert fertilization services. Here are the qualities we encourage clients to look for in a lawn fertilizer service to make sure it’s the right option for their properties:

Thorough Soil Testing

Soil testing is beneficial for finding the proper lawn fertilizer service as it shows the nutrients your soil needs. It also shows your soil’s ability to retain nutrients. This is key in determining the appropriate amount of fertilizer to apply. Natural Way Lawn eliminates guesswork from fertilizer application by conducting detailed soil tests before fertilization. We’ll check your soil’s potassium, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus levels to determine the best fertilizer for your lawn.

Our soil testing also checks the status of your soil’s lime requirement index and cation exchange capacity (CEC). Testing the lime requirement index helps us determine whether to add calcium carbonate to your soil to adjust its pH and increase fertilizer uptake. The CEC test shows the soil’s ability to retain positively charged nutrients like potassium and magnesium. This helps us determine the amount of fertilizer to apply to your soil. If your soil has a low CEC, we’ll apply small amounts of fertilizer at a time to prevent leaching below the root zone.

Additional Services

Integrate your fertilization efforts with pest management, weed control, and aeration for the best results. At Natural Way Lawn, we offer all these services, eliminating the need to work with multiple lawn care companies. Working with a single company can save you the time you’d otherwise spend explaining past lawn care services to other providers. Our pest management services can reduce your lawn’s exposure to pests and diseases. We’ll assess the kinds of pests your property is the most susceptible to and develop a treatment plan that targets them when they’re the most vulnerable. For pests like grubs, we apply insecticide when they’re laying their eggs to control their population early on.

Weed control can limit nutrient competition between weeds and other plants in your lawn. With proper weed control, your fertilizer will only strengthen your plants. Our bio-herbicide is made of iron, which kills numerous weeds, including Canada thistle, English daisy, slender speedwell, lawn burweed, and others. Aeration can increase nutrient absorption into the soil, making fertilizers more effective. Our team will assess the types of grasses in your lawn and your soil’s consistency to determine whether to aerate before applying fertilizer. We may need to aerate if your thatch depth is more than half an inch or your soil is too hard.

Fertilization Programs

A reliable fertilizer service company will likely assess your lawn before recommending a fertilization program to make sure their recommendation meets your lawn’s needs. Natural Way Lawn has three main fertilizer programs suitable for varying lawn needs and client preferences. Our Naturally Green Lawn Program is ideal for green, weed-free lawns. With this program, you’ll get a mineral-based granular fertilizer to keep your lawn lush. We’ll only incorporate herbicides into your application when necessary, reducing your lawn’s chemical exposure.

Our Naturally Organic Lawn Program is ideal for lawns with poor soil structure. Under this program, we’ll apply organic fertilizer to increase your soil’s organic matter content. This can improve your soil structure, mineral absorption, and water-retention capacity. We also spray an herbicide with each application to eliminate weeds. Our third program, the Naturally Free Lawn Program, is suitable for lawns with high chemical sensitivity as it doesn’t involve using extra chemicals. We’ll only apply the natural fertilizer your lawn needs to remain healthy.

Suitable Products

Look for a lawn fertilizer service that uses proper products to protect your lawn. Natural Way Lawn has been in the lawn service sector for over three decades, so we know how to identify the best fertilizers. We’ll assess fertilizers’ nutrient compositions when determining appropriate options to make sure your lawn gets the nutrients it needs.

Typically, new lawns need fertilizers with a lot of potassium and little nitrogen. Healthy lawns require a lot of nitrogen and little potassium, and stressed lawns need high potassium and nitrogen. Potassium improves nutrient absorption, which is necessary for new and stressed lawns. Nitrogen promotes the development of green twigs and leaves, which is helpful for healthy and stressed lawns. High nitrogen content isn’t necessary for new lawns as they’re not usually strong enough to support fast above-ground growth.

Hire the Right Lawn Fertilizer Service

Natural Way Lawn is a leading lawn fertilizer service helping clients across Michigan. Our state-certified applicators conduct thorough lawn assessments before applying fertilizer to improve clients’ chances of achieving year-round lush lawns. These lawn assessments help determine which fertilizers to apply, how much to use, and how often to apply them. Contact us today for professional lawn fertilization services.